Swellendam Municipality comes to the party

Members of the management team of Swellendam Winter School were invited to attend a meeting of the Mayoral Council, who were interested in the initiative and wanted to know how they could show support.

Proud of what they have achieved so far and determined not to go with ‘begging bowl in hand’, the team rapidly put together a presentation to give the Council a good over-view of the Project, and to mention a few ways in which the Municipality could smooth the path to its success.

The Council listened intently, and the response was positive and supportive. Some suggestions and cautions were expressed, but overall, it appears that the Swellendam Municipality are prepared to help the Swellendam Winter School not only with a creation of a prospectus, waiving some of the bureaucracy and costs which go along with temporary signage and banners, but also to give an opportunity to collaborate and discuss strategy with Destinate, a company currently contracted to develop a new Tourism Strategy for the area.

After the meeting the whole of the SWS team met up and discussed the suggestions given by the Municipal Manager. It was agreed to work on tweaking the programme, following his recommendations

So … watch this space for updates and developments.

Swellendam Winter School would like to thank the Municipality for their support and endorsement.

(A slightly adapted version of the presentation can be viewed here, for those interested in knowing more about how the Swellendam Winter School has come about. )

Apr 23, 2019

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