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Swellendam History and Heritage Walk

Swellendam is the third oldest magisterial district in South Africa, having been formed by the Dutch East India Company . It has a rich heritage and many of the original buildings have been preserved. ...

Take Better photos

Learn a few secret fundamentals of photography and you’ll be amazed at the results obtainable from even the most basic camera. Thanks to the advances in digital photography one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to take great photos. ...

Tasty Cooking for Beginners

Learn how to make some lovely and easy dishes for friends and family which we will enjoy together on the day. ...

The Flight for Birders Identification and Conservation Course

Flight for Birders' was developed to assist novices and experienced birdwatchers to become involved in bird-watching in a practical and sustainable way. ...

The Pragmatic Art and Joy of Growing Organic Vegetables

A well designed garden gives a great sense of productivity and peace.To nurture and grow nutrient dense food is an immense inspiration and a meaningful contribution to health and wellness . The soaring prices of food is a sobering reality and is not equivalent to the quality of the food we are able to purchase. ...

THAT THINKING FEELING? Thinking better, faster, deeper

A 2 day course to improve thinking. I am very aware of the intricate interplay of emotion (affect) and thinking (cognition), and how challenging it is to attempt to clarify each; how interwoven are instincts, impulses, intuition and neurotransmitters – all of which ultimately inform who we are and what we do. ...

Wines of Our Region

This course is an overall and hopefully informative introduction to the wines of the region within the time constraints of the program, which will be covered in English with the option of Afrikaans as appropriate. ...

Khoi Culture and Suurbraak Heritage

On this course you will experience the historic village of Suurbraak, part of the greater Swellendam municipality, learning about its history. ...

Xhosa culture and township tour

Welcome to Railton and true Xhosa Culture. ...