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Fascinating, Fabulous, Finite Fynbos

A two-day orientation in how to enjoy and explore fynbos, learn the basics of identifying plant species, so as to enable the participant to continue growing in such exploration, be able to  meet up with like-minded people/groups and go on to discover which particular plant (s) is/are their favourite and why or, just to be able to go hiking with an excuse!! ...

Wine and Food Pairing

Join Garth for a fun filled, informative day investigating the myths and realities of this fascinating topic. You will be inspired and enthused to re-look at the way you serve wines with foods. ...

Beginners’ Course – Knitting and Crochet -Join in the Fun

This course will teach you right from the beginning through to being able to make something for yourself ...


Thinking is what differentiates us. While thinking is common to all humans, it is how we think and what we think that that makes the difference. Our thinking can lead to success – or failure! ...

Guidelines for Meaningful Living – Level 3

Stretching, Relaxation and Breathing will continue to happen daily. Going deeper... How do you spend your time and energy? You will learn about the 4 Factors of Life and about what you can change and what you cannot, in order to take charge of your destiny... ...

EMPOWERING PLANTS: Growing your own Medicine 1

My objective with this course is to spark a keen interest and put the participant on a path of learning and experimenting with plants, making their own medicine. ...

Horse Riding in Nature

This course is an introduction to horses, their nature and how to communicate basic language required for beginner level horse handling and riding. ...

Resin and ink workshop

This is an introduction workshop that has great entrepreneurial potential, from making jewellery to furniture. It is the new craze in in the Art and Craft world. ...

Introduction to Gold Leaf with Acrylic Workshop

Gold Leaf master: Gustav Klimpt is very famous for his use of Gold Leaf.  Google him, if you do not know his work.  His work took many years, unfortunately we have only 1 day. Let me introduce you to the magic of Gold Leafing. ...