Organic Vegetable Growing with Wendy Crawford

Maybe you’ve been considering extending your gardening passion into growing food or perhaps, you’ve been growing your own food for years but need some encouragement. No worries!

With the expert guidance of our own Wendy Crawford. She has been involved in various forms of facilitation in the broad sphere of organic farming for over the past 13 years.

“The garden offers all the relevant techniques, tips, tricks and joys of producing one’s own food. 
I also have a range of “gardening stretches” and exercises that compliment the basic movements our bodies perform when gardening” – Wendy Crawford

Stay tuned for course dates and prices! ?

Jun 3, 2019

1 responses on "Organic Vegetable Growing with Wendy Crawford"

  1. Hi Wendy Crawford because of your years of permaculture I would really like to hear your opinion on hydroponics / aquaponics growing your produce in the future. We have such a system and I would really like to hear your opinion from an experienced person growing Organically.

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