Pinhole Photography Workshop

You’re invited to take a step back in time and join Henk Venter on this photographic workshop where you will be taught the ancient art of Pinhole Photography.
You will be exposed to the wonders of the photographic darkroom, light sensitive photographic paper and how to shoot photos using a pinhole camera. All the basic material required for this course is provided with the additional option to buy more paper during the course and even build your very own wooden Pinhole Camera should you so desire. (Pinhole Camera Kits need to be pre-ordered once registered for the course).


No matter what your photographic experience is, this course will show you a completely new side of photography. Actually, it is the old side of photography-the way it used to be back in the days when one still used light sensitive materials that needed to be developed in a darkroom.
As such this workshop is fun and entertaining for anybody with an interest in creative image making and old photographic techniques, it also turns out to be very popular as a couples activity.


This course is suited to all regardless of their photographic experience.


Course facilitation consists of demonstrations and hands-on experiential training in the use of the pinhole camera and the photographic darkroom.


The course is presented in English although Henk is also fluent in Afrikaans

About The Instructor

After nearly 15 years working as a photographer, a photographic consultant and a photography lecturer, Henk is well versed in the art of light and what it takes to get the shot.

Following his passion for photography he received a Masters Degree in photography from Tshwane University of Technology and has never looked back. Since then he has been contracted as a lecturer, moderator, consultant and course developer at tertiary institutions including CTi Education Group, Stellenbosch Academy, Tshwane University of Technology and the University of Stellenbosch.

His skill as a teacher lies in his ability to make even complex processes easy to understand. Henk’s courses and workshops are sought after by photographers of all levels because of his photographic competence, his specialist knowledge and talent as a photographic educator, as well as his love of the natural world.

Henk lives with his wife and two daughters in the beautiful hamlet of Swellendam at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains where he runs regular photography classes and undertakes diverse photographic projects – from commercial shoots to fine art photography exhibitions. One of his favourite pursuits is heading out into the mountains to shoot the ever-changing play of light and clouds.

What To Bring
  • Bring an apron or wear clothes that can get stained.
  • A notebook and pen
Course Dates

4 – 6 September 2020 (weekend)

Register at 15h00. The course starts at 16h00 Friday. Ends 13h00 on Sunday

9 – 11 October 2020 (weekend)


Course Details

Registration is at 15h00 on Friday. Courses start 16h00. There will be one supper on Friday at 19h00 included. Course ends at 13h00 on Sunday.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a total novice, this course is guaranteed to stimulate your creative juices. In his typical relaxing manner Henk will take you through the complete process of pinhole photography and teach you to shoot amazing black and white pictures that you develop yourself in the darkroom.

The pinhole camera, a smaller version of the Camera Obscura ( Camera_obscura), dates back to the early 1800’s when photography was in its infant stages. The pinhole camera is in essence a light proof box with one tiny hole that acts as a lens and, when used in conjunction with light sensitive photographic paper, the box becomes a camera. There is of course a bit more to it than mentioned here and that is the beauty of this course as Henk is an experienced photo educator and will guide you through every step in the process to ensure that you walk away from this course with your very own pinhole photos, together with a better understanding of the age-old silver halide photographic process.The course runs over two full days and participants can either shoot with Henk’s pinhole cameras or make their own and use that. After a demonstration on the image making process, participants will get working on creating their own pinholes before heading off into town to shoot their very own pinhole pictures. There is some trail and error involved and Henk will be there to guide you along the way. For the more adventurous participants, you are welcome to order your very own DIY pinhole camera kit, designed by Henk himself. This kit consists of precision cut wooden parts that needs to be assembled and glued during the workshop. (The cost of these Pinhole Camera kits are not included in the workshop fee and the kits should be pre-ordered once you’ve made your booking for the course. All materials needed to assemble your Pinhole Kit will be available) All the chemistry and the photographic paper you’ll be using for this workshop is included in the materials charge of the course. Each participant receives 10 sheets of 4×5” photographic paper and additional sheets can also be bought should you wish to shoot more photos.




Your package includes:
Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and meals during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
*Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

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