Let’s Pickle! –Pickles and Chutneys

Always wanted to make your own home-made jams & preserves? There are plenty of reasons for wanting to “make your own” in our world of mass production. Avoid the added chemicals, use home-grown produce, ensure a pure, high quality result…. Let us show you “how” and tell you “why” – a hands on opportunity to understand the chemistry, techniques and art of making your own culinary delights! Choose from a list of jam and preserve recipes, and, at the end of the day, you will have prepared, cooked , bottled and labelled your own products to be taken home and shared with loved ones.


This course is an opportunity for the health conscious or industrious novice to learn hands on how to make a selection of products under the watchful eye of our experienced cooks. By making your own, you are able to process home-grown produce, whilst at the same time ensuring a healthy and tasty end-product.


The course is fully bilingual in Afrikaans and English


The course is fully participative with participants producing their own jams and preserves whilst techniques and information are shared.

About The Instructor

Natalie Turk established Wildebraam in 1998 after trading the corporate environment of Johannesburg for the country lifestyle of Swellendam. By combining her formal business education in economics and marketing with her love of food and creativity, Wildebraam grew from a small home-industry into a leading supplier of high quality pickles relishes and chutneys to the South African retail and wholesale market. Natalie takes pride in ensuring Wildebraam produces only top quality products, using age old recipes and only the freshest local produce. Artificial preservatives and colorants are avoided at all cost and the highest quality assured with small cooking batches. Natalie is willing to share insightful cooking, packaging and business experience with both the novice jam maker as well as start-up entrepreneurs.

What To Bring
  • An apron
  • Decorative items to personalise your packaging.
  • All other equipment and ingredients will be provided.
Course Dates
  • 4 June
  • 6 August
Course Details

Registration and introductions

Module 1: The Basics
History of pickles
Hygiene and preserving
Equipment and ingredients
Basic chemistry
Module 2: Let’s Pickle! Your choice of Cucumbers, Peppers , Onions or Piccalilli
Select and prepare vegetables
Vinegar, Sugar and Spices
Weigh and start cooking
Potting up
Module 3: Make Chutney! Your choice of Chilli, Mango, Peach or Apricot
Select and prepare vegetables
Vinegar, Sugar and Spices
Weigh and start cooking
Potting up
Module 4: Final Finishes!
When things go wrong
Labelling and packaging
Additional recipes



Your package includes:
Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and meals during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
*Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

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