NCS One Day Colour Course

Margie Walker presents a Natural Colour System workshop for professional colour users and communicators, as well as others interested in colour, enabling them to use colour more efficiently and have a better understanding of how colour works .The course aims at giving a basic knowledge about colour as visual phenomenon. It covers how our perceived colours vary from actual colours and how this occurs eg by distance or by the presence of other colours. A thorough explanation of the Natural Colour System ( the most accurate system for colour) theoretically together with a series of exercises will be covered. This will enable you to verbally identify colour and communicate it anywhere in the world with accuracy. Colour usage and design in South Africa will also be discussed. This course is being offered at a substantially reduced price through Swellendam Winter School. Certificate of completion is awarded to each student.


Anyone who works with colour specification or combinations of colours and those who are interested in understanding how colour works.




Fully participative

About The Instructor

Margie’s passion for learning and colour has taken her on a journey of research for many years.
She has studied Applied Colour Psychology and the Colour Affects System, is a qualified NCS ( Natural Colour System) trainer and a qualified Colour Consultant. She has trained individuals, interior designers, architects and paint company staff both in South Africa and Mauritius. This knowledge has also been invaluable in her Interior Decorating business.
She loves to share her knowledge and watch the confidence people gain from understanding the concepts.

What To Bring
  • All required material will be provided
Course Dates

11 September 2020

16 October 2020

Course Details

The day will begin with an introduction and full explanation of colour as a visual phenomenon.
There will be slide presentations and interactive discussions. This will be followed by
Practical exercises so that participants will be able to practice their new-found knowledge.

The exercises
• Train the ability to observe and analyse small differences in colour.
• Train the ability to observe and analyse small differences in one colour.
• Teaches the six elementary colours and their relation to each other.
• Trains the ability to estimate the colour of samples and form colour circles
• Trains the ability to organize samples of one colour

Once these exercises are complete you will understand how to make order out of the chaos
of more than 16 000 colours
The final 2 exercises will be a wonderful summarizing version of the knowledge you have
gained and will train you to identify and name, in a universal manner, any colour.

We will end the day with discussion of colour uses and select random colour samples, not of
paint origin, to identify and and discuss them.

Participants will leave with all the exercises for reference and a certificate of completion.
Please note that this course is being offered at a substantial discount through Swellendam Winter School.
A follow up course will be available for further training on colour.



Your package includes:
Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and meals during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
*Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

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