APPLIED COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY- how colour impacts your life

Do you want more harmony in your life? Do you want to improve your confidence? Then this course is for you. We process more information through our eyes than through all our other senses combined. In this course we will explore the effect of colours on your life in areas of personal colour, home, business and marketing. You will leave understanding how to choose colours according to your personality. Come and have fun whilst learning a valuable skill – no matter what your age or lifestyle.


Anyone interested in personal growth




Illustrative and interactive

About The Instructor

Margie’s passion for learning and colour has taken her on a journey of research for many years. She has studied Applied Colour Psychology and the Colour Affects System, is a qualified NCS ( Natural Colour System) trainer and a qualified Colour Consultant. She has trained individuals, interior designers, architects and paint company staff both in South Africa and Mauritius. This knowledge has also been invaluable in her Interior Decorating business. She loves to share her knowledge and watch the confidence people gain from understanding the concepts.

What To Bring
  • All materials will be provided
Course Dates

10 September 2020

15 October  2020

Course Details

Topics covered will include:

What is colour?
Colour and humanity
How we see colour and why this is important.
Properties of colour and the colour wheel.
How colours work together and colour harmony

The psychological properties of colours.
Tonal colour groups
Colour harmony
Colours for your personality
Colours for your home.
Colours in business and marketing

Samples and exercises will be provided for you to take home.
This could open up a whole new world for you.



Your package includes:
Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and meals during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
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