Pilates Posture Rite

Are you feeling overwhelmed in searching for the best exercise or technique to bring your body into health and ease?

June 14 – June 16 (Weekend)
July 9 – July 11
August 9 – August 11 (Weekend)


    Learn how to align your body in a fun and easy way using Pilates techniques, food awareness and exercises that you take home with you. This is NOT a Pilates class.

    This course gives you basic techniques to benefit your everyday life, heal old injuries, relieve body pains and strengthen your core. From awareness of the feet, knees, hips, breathing, shoulders, lower and upper back, neck, head and the alignment of all together. We train our muscle memory so the effects are immediate and long-lasting. With no cardio, weights or machines you train your body with resistance training. With simple breathing and core activation, we learn to hold the lower back strong and prevent back injury.

    Whether you want to lose or gain weight – and maintain it – this course will give you everything from perspective, body alignment, and food awareness.

    Beginner or advanced – all are welcome! You are never too old to learn, and for those who think they know it all, new challenges await.
    You leave the course having learned how to heal your own body through alignment and embodied the practices. Imagine how much money you can save if you don’t have to go to the physio or chiropractor. You can empower yourself with the correct tools to realign your body before the need to see a doctor.

    To find out more about this course, you can get in touch with the facilitator on Serendipitysun2@gmail.com 


    MODULE 1

    1. Introduction of the group
    2. What is Pilates and how does our body work?
    3. How did Posture Rite Pilates arrive?
    4. How does this affect your body?
    5. Food awareness: what do you currently eat and how does it affect your body and emotional health? What foods we can eat to balance and give us more energy?

    MODULE 2

    1. Recap of Module 1

    2. What are your body aches, broken bones and injuries?

    3. How we are going to heal this with alignment postures

    4. Learn POSTURE RITE Pilates technique

    5. Practice what you have learned

    MODULE 3

    1. Learn POSTURE RITE Pilates techniques
    2. Write it down in the workbook
    3. Can you feel the difference?
    4. Practice your new techniques

    MODULE 4

    1. Learn simple morning stretch as you get out of bed.
    2. Do POSTURE RITE Pilates technique
    3. Sit to breathe and center yourself
    4. Check what food you are going to plan for your day
    5. Teach each other how to do POSTURE RITE Pilates.

    Whats Included

    Your fees include:
    Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and lunches during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
    *Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

    Facilitator Details

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