“Photography Mastery” (Exposure)

Have you ever felt unsure as to what settings you need in a specific situation to get a certain effect?You have probably also realised that every time you take a picture the choice of Aperture, Shutter and ISO can be the difference between an amazing picture…or just another boo-boo shot.

11 June – 13 June
July 23- July 25


    This delicate relationship between the aperture, shutter speed and Iso is masterfully presented
    and explained by Henk Venter to bring an end to any confusion on the matter.
    The course offers ample time to put the theory into practice to allow participants to master these
    crucial foundations of photography and set the course for great things to come.
    The various outings that form part of this course are designed not only to hone your skills, but
    also to expose you to the natural beauty of Swellendam and its surrounds. Workshop Modules:
    1. ISO
    2. Aperture settings
    3. Shutter speeds and their uses
    4. Exposure Mastery

    The following Exposure modes will be covered: Manual, Aperture Priority (Av) and Shutter Priority (Tv).
    Competency required: No previous experience needed; photographers of all levels are welcome to attend

    Whats Included

    Your fees include:
    Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and lunches during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
    *Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

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