Make your Mark: an introduction to Mandala design

Be intrigued by the repetitive minutiae of mark making that is at the core of mandala design. Be inspired by the meditative process that allows you to MAKE YOUR MARK, beginning from the centre and slowly working out to the edge, incorporating countless tiny marks that compose a mandala.

2 July – 4 July
16 July – 18 July
13 August – 15 August


    You are invited to a facilitated opportunity to explore the possibilities of making YOUR MARK in a supportive environment. No skills required, just a willingness to play, allowing yourself to figure it out as you go. A time to explore new possibilities, little by little developing your ideas into a unique design.

    Suitable for individuals who are curious to expand their creativity, to gain another perspective or just increase their awareness of themselves.

    This is a hands-on course where you will create your design using ink on paper; where we will discuss different methods to colour and embellish your work using silver and gold leaf.

    All materials will be supplied.

    To find out more about this course, you can get in touch with the facilitator on halund5050@gmail.com or 082 459 5859



    MODULE 1

    Design elements of a mandala:
    – symmetry/ balance
    – geometry (shapes)
    – colour
    – patterns
    – repetition

    MODULE 2

    Developing your mandala:
    – guided facilitation of developing elements
    – problem solving and incorporation of “mistakes”

    MODULE 3

    Developing colour in your mandala:
    – use of colour
    – use of media
    – blending and creating colour

    MODULE 4

    Exploring alternative media:
    – exploring different methods to colour e.g. copic markers; paint; pencil crayons; inks
    – embellishing with silver/ gold leaf
    – exploring other materials for creating mandala designs e.g. metal foils; pewter

    Whats Included

    Your fees include:
    Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and lunches during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
    *Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

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