Beginners Art Workshop

An opportunity for first time and novice artists to paint and learn new techniques in a relaxed, no-pressure environment under the guidance of an experienced artist.

22 July – 26 July


    John believes that we can all learn the skills required to paint and draw. It is not a natural endowment nor a special knack you simply have or do not have. This beginners art workshop will help you learn the artistic skills and principles for producing your own painting, from setting up, drawing, values, edges, colour and light, composition and technique. The primary aim of the course is not to teach participants to be this or that kind of artist, but to share basic universal techniques that will help them on their own chosen path as artists. We will focus on representational art – to paint what you see and experience.

    At the end of the workshop you would’ve completed one or more paintings and leave empowered to continue your artistic endeavours.

    Participants may contact facilitator directly on john@artsage.co.za or 062 262 2925

    John’s web address is www.artsage.co.za should participants want to know more about him or his work



    MODULE 1 

    –          Introduction to representational art and other forms of painting styles

    –          The beginning
    o Materials used
    o Deciding on subject matter
    o Setting up and preparatory work
    o Blocking in

    –          Painting from life

    MODULE 2

    –          Drawing
    o Drawing in the context of painting
    o Drawing on the right side of your brain – paint what you see and not what you think
    o Measuring – shapes, grid technique and other crutches

    MODULE 3

    –          Values

    –          Colour and light

    MODULE 4

    –          Composition
    o Balance
    o Harmony
    o Lines of direction
    o Movement and rhythm
    o Values
    o Focal points

    MODULE 5

    –          Technique
    o How you physically put paint on your canvas – you will, with time develop your own technique. Also referred to as ‘style’.
    o A clear vision of what you want to accomplish – ‘Happy accidents’ not the way to go
    o Crutches – photographs, your visual diary, etc.
    o The Palette knife – use it
    o Brushwork
    o Glazing
    o Subject matter
    o The magic

    The course is not presented in a ‘modular’ format but topics are covered whilst completing paintings.

    Whats Included

    Your fees include:
    Tuition, materials*, excursions*, refreshments and lunches during the course. Accommodation, dinners, and transport at own cost.
    *Applicable to certain courses. See individual course pages for details.

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